Music Samples (excerpts):

  1. BulletRainmaker (Voc).mp3

  1. BulletThis Is The Thanks (Voc).mp3

  1. BulletWisconsin (Voc).mp3

  1. BulletForrest’s Fire (Inst).mp3

  1. BulletFusion Of Minds (Inst).mp3

Your Own Special Way (Voc).mp3

Rainmaker, This Is The Thanks, and Wisconsin are from my new release entitled “4444”, featuring Guitarist Daryl Stuermer and Drummer Randy Cooke.  Forrest’s Fire and Fusion of Minds are instrumental tracks from my collaboration with pianist Tobin Mueller, “The Mueller’s Wheel”. Your Own Special Way is a Genesis tune from Daryl Stuermer’s upcoming 2016 album “Road To Genesis”.


1993 Big Mouth-All U Can Eat

1995 Tim Dorsey-I Don’t Deserve This Love

1995 Impact Music Library Vol. 3 & 6 (Studioland, Inc.)

1995 Big Mouth featuring the Power Tool Horns-Blow My Top

1997 Bob Levy-Did You Ever Cross Over To Sneden’s? (Stellar)

1999 Matt Perkins-All That I Need

2001 Enocent-How The World Has Changed

2002 Janet Planet-Passion From the Wreckage (Stellar)

2003 David Cooper-Petite Monde (Bluemounds Productions)

2004 Danen Kane-Transparent

2008 Jeanne Kuhns-Ghost Ranch

2008 Big Mouth-Best O’ Mouth

2008 Tobin Mueller-Rain Bather

2009 Randy Bruce-An American Anthem

2010 Julian Hagen-How Things Change

2010 Christine Salerno-711

2010 Janet Planet-Love Letters From Cary Bluff

2010 Råndi Fay-Close To My Heart: Love Songs and Lullabies

2010 Tobin Mueller and Woody Mankowski-The Muller’s Wheel

2011 Råndi Fay-Noel

2012 Råndi Fay-That Old Black Magic

2014 Tobin Mueller, Ron Carter & Woody Mankowski - Come In Funky

2014 Janet Planet - Big Band Project (TBA N/R)

2015 Woody Mankowski - 4444

2015 Daryl Stuermer - Road To Genesis (TBA N/R)

2015 Daryl Stuermer - Breaking Cover (TBA N/R)


Hal Leonard Corporation just published my first saxophone method book, “Saxophone Aerobics”, from their popular “Aerobics” series.  In addition to that book, I have written over 100 transcription books for that company.  Here is a list of some of my favorites:

Oscar Peterson-Trios
Oscar Peterson-A Royal Wedding (uncredited)

Diana Krall-Original Keys For Singers

Diana Krall-From This Moment On

Norah Jones-Come Away With Me

The Very Best of Frank Sinatra-Original Keys For Singers

Michael McDonald-The Ultimate Collection (uncredited)
Ella Fitzgerald-Original Keys For Singers
Sarah Vaughan-Original Keys For Singers

The Best Of Karrin Allysson

The John Coltrane Omnibook (uncredited)

The Miles Davis Omnibook (uncedited)

Count Basie Collection

Robert Johnson Complete (uncredited)

Louis Armstrong-Plays Standards

Louis Armstrong Collection

Arturo Sandoval-Trumpet Evolution

Chuck Mangione Collection

The Best Of Al Green (uncredited)

Lester Young Collection

Charlie Parker Collection

Buddy DeFranco Collection

Gerry Mulligan Collection

Kenny G-Paradise (uncredited)

Kenny G-Faith (uncredited)

Stevie Wonder-Note-For-Note Transcriptions (uncredited)

Benny Goodman Collection

The Best of Chris Botti

The Best Of Sonny Rollins

Charlie Parker For Piano (Paul Smith Trio)

R&B Horn Sections-Transcribed Lines

Funk/Disco Horn Sections-Transcribed Lines

Pop/Rock Horn Sections-Transcribed Lines

Jazz/Rock Horn Sections-Transcribed Lines

Jazz/Pop Horn Section-Transcribed Lines

The Real Book 4 (104 uncredited transcriptions)

The Real Book 5 (140 uncredited transcriptions)

The Vocal Real Book 3 (85 uncredited transcriptions)

These transcription and PVG (piano/vocal/guitar) books are all published by Hal Leonard corporation, and can be purchased either online or at music stores.